The Mandalorian: 5 Things I Want More of in Season Two

Note: This might spoil some things from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels so proceed with caution if you have not watched either series.

Now, let’s get to the 5 things I want to see in season two of The Mandalorian:

1. New Mandalorians with more speaking time

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Based on the few trailers we got and some leaked news, it seems like I might be getting my wish. Mandalorians travel in packs and, having watched The Clone Wars, I am used to seeing Mandalorians fighting together. This is what made “Chapter 3: The Sin” so great, seeing a ton of Mandalorians on-screen in live-action fighting (sort of). It was still mostly brief cuts of all the Mandalorians with a special focus on Jon Favreau Heavy Armor Mandalorian using his blaster cannon and jet pack (got to get those accessory shots for the toys!). If reports are to be believed, Katie Sackoff will bring her Clone Wars Bo Katan to live action this season. This makes sense as she would have been the last person to have the Darksaber and we should get that back story either from the lady Katan herself or through flashback (I really hope it is the former, not the latter). And, if Bo Katan speaks, it is more likely that Hasbro will finally make a Bo Katan action figure (both in The Vintage Collection and The Black Series). And now there is a female Mandalorian sculpt that Hasbro can pull from their recently release Armorer.

Speaking of which…. 

2. More of The Armorer

Stormtrooper learning The Armorer is not the one | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The first character to speak the phrase “This is the way”, The Armorer was peppered throughout the season, appearing in Chapters One, Three, and Eight. Most of her on-screen appearances consisted of conversations with the Mandalorian and more than a few “This is the ways” but the last time we see of her is exercising a BEAT DOWN on a group of Stormtroopers, giving time for Mando and his crew to escape. It was quite a lasting impression and her fate is unknown though she is most certainly still alive and perhaps searching for a new sanctuary for the surviving Mandalorians. Since there are only eight episodes, I don’t expect to see much of her if she does show up (and she might skip this season and reappear in season 3) but any more time with The Armorer will be time well spent. I am a big nerd when it comes to character design and she has one of the best designs in The Mandalorian.

Which leads me to…

3. A Higher Class of Production Design

Spot the Mando | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

No, this doesn’t mean higher production quality. I think the cutting-edge virtual sets, Emmy nominations, and wins speak for themselves. I mean high class as in the upper class of Star Wars. It’s always fun to get down and dirty with the scoundrels of the galaxy but I would also like to see the Mando rub some elbows, drink some cocktails and work the crowd at a fancy party. He is still on the run from an Imperial Moff who knows his real name and has the Darksaber so he could probably use some money. And I would rather not spend two episodes with him trying to get bounties and just one good one of him cozying up to a rich benefactor at a party with elegant Star Wars costumes. Plus, it would be a great reason for him to go undercover and remove his armor.

This brings me to…

4. More Pedro Pascal

Fixed it! | credit Lucasfilm ltd. and Hasbro

Like the first point, this might be hinted at to be true with the Mando Monday reveal of The Mandalorian with The Child and pram Black Series. Having gone through The Clone War and Star Wars Rebels, I am use to seeing Mandalorians with their helmets off so the not removing the helmet rule was a strange, and frankly, unwelcome surprise. It was also contradictory to have a group of Mandalorians so strict about not removing the helmet when we know that, around this same time, other Mandalorians are popping their helmets off freely. Some of those Mandalorians are even hinted at as being in this second season. I trust that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni know what they are doing since both were involved in Clone Wars and Filoni oversaw Rebels. I trust that there is a reason for the disconnect across clans that might even be revealed this season. Maybe it has something to do with the clan who rescued him, assumed by many to be Death Watch but not yet confirmed by Lucasfilm.

Still, I was excited for Pedro Pascal when he was cast to be a part of the Star Wars universe but, since the character never takes off his helmet, it is easy to forget that Pedro Pascal is even on the show. Yes, it is his voice but we did see his face just briefly in “Chapter 8: Redemption.” I just don’t want to go this whole season with his helmet on and hope now that they did show his face last episode of the season, we can move on from the angst of it all.

And move on to…

5. A Surprise

Hi, I’m here to take over the world

To Disney’s credit and, at the cost of giving all their merchandising partners a golden ticket for Christmas 2019, no leaks were to be had when the premiere dropped and suddenly Baby Yoda was a thing in this world. It was the best-kept secret of 2019.

I know it’s too much to ask since we have already had a ton of reputable sources state that certain beloved characters will be making their live-action debut this season, but I would like one surprise. Just one thing I was not expecting to happen, happen. Even if it is a death. Since these are essentially new characters in a barely explored point in the canon timeline, anything could and should be able to happen to one of the main characters. It would be nice to have some unpredictability and I hope The Mandalorian season two delivers.

The Mandalorian season two is almost here and I will be covering/giving my thoughts on each chapter the day it airs with a highlight of a unique creative decision. Looking forward to some new Star Wars content!

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