Whatever Happened to…Tera Sinube?

2022 UPDATE: Answers have arrived for Tera Sinube’s whereabouts after The Clone Wars and, more importantly, post Order 66. In Part IV of Obi-Wan Kenobi, we learn that Sinube ultimately perished at the hands of Inquisitors. While it might not be the answers some of us canon junkies wanted, if you are not familiar with Sinube, feel free to read through this post to learn more about a great Jedi Master in canon. As for the main question, consider it answered.

When the marketing campaign kicked off for the Prequel Trilogy, a big selling point in all three trailers, promotions, and merchandise was the Jedi Masters. Many scenes cut for the trailers show establishing shots of either Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, or Anakin in front of rotating members of the Jedi Council.

Unfortunately, other than Mace Windu and Yoda, we rarely got to hear any speak a single word. The Clone Wars, which covers the time between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith rectified that, and we got to know many Jedi Masters that we saw briefly in the films. Masters like Plo-Koon, Kit Fisco, and Aayla Secura got story arcs that helped informed their teaching style.  

Tera Sinube meets Ahsoka and helps her find a thief | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Tera Sinbue, an elder Jedi as he is introduced to Ahsoka by the Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, is spotlighted in one episode called “Lightsaber Lost.” While on a mission with Anakin in the lower levels of Coruscant, Ahsoka’s lightsaber is stolen by a Patrolia (who tend to be mini antagonists in the Star Wars universe). Too ashamed to tell Anakin, Ahsoka turns to Master Sinube, who is familiar with the crime world of Coruscant to find her lightsaber. He ends up tagging along and teaching the Padawan a lesson in patience. He also uses his old age as disarmament for people who might brush him off as non-threatening, including the two dangerous women who acquired her lightsaber. At the end of the episode, we also see that he hides his lightsaber in his cane, cleverly concealing the valuable weapon in something that no one would want to steal. 

As if they’d been waiting for disaster to strike, the other Masters appeared from the crowd, rushing to their Grand Master’s aid. There was Tera Sinube, the beak-nosed Cosian who, like Yoda himself, seemed to have been born ancient and wizened… 

– Tera Sinube’s description in Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott

Tera Sinbue is also a species that lives hundreds of years, and a younger Sinube makes a brief appearance in The High Republic novel, Rising Storm. The novel takes place around 300 BBY, and Sinube is a Jedi Master and a Marchall at an outpost on Derra in the Outer Rim. So, he is quite old by the time of The Clone Wars

What Likely Happened to Tera Sinube 

Tera Sinube appears on the Jedi Council in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple (2019) | credit Marvel Comics

In all honesty, even though it was never confirmed, Tera Sinube probably died during Order 66. Other Jedi Masters that make appearances in The Clone Wars and survived Order 66 have had their stories concluded in the comics. Specifically, the Darth Vader comics that find the Sith Lord and the Inquisitors hunting down Jedi survivors. The Clone Wars‘ Jedi Masters killed by Darth Vader post-Order 66 included Jocasta Nu and Eeth Koth, whose deaths were in Darth Vader: Darth Lord of the Sith comics. Most of the survivors of Order 66 were indeed Jedi Masters and had the skillsets and experience to survive. But Sinube, based out of Coruscant, was probably at the Jedi Temple at the time, so it is hard to believe that he could escape so many clones. 

However, given that he is an expert at the Coruscant underworld and had so many years of experience living in the mass metropolis, he probably is aware of every secret corner and hideout. If he did survive Order 66 and Vader, then there is also a chance he died of natural causes post-Clone Wars. The only information on Cosian life spans is from a Fantasy Flight game and the fact that Sinube was alive during The High Republic. The Star Wars Databank does not even have the average lifespan of the species and describes Tera Sinube as “long-lived.” 

If he did survive Order 66 and we see him again, it would likely be in a comic similar to other Jedi Masters from The Clone Wars. In canon, they have used older survivors of Order 66 as either a guide for the next generation of Jedi/Force-sensitives (Yoda, Cere, Naq Med) or foils for making Darth Vader look cool (Kirak Infil’a, Eeth Koth, and Jocasta Nu). 

There Is Another Way… 

Tera Sinube taking his sweet time | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The most interesting thing about Tera Sinube is his knowledge of Coruscant. In “Lightsaber Lost,” Sinube is introduced as an expert in the criminal underworld of Coruscant. The concept of a Jedi investigator is not necessarily new as most Jedi we follow in The Clone Wars have acted as investigators in some form; however, a Jedi expert on the criminal underworld using the force to solve crimes is new.

Tera Sinube will not show up as the lead of a Disney+ show or even a novel, but if there is ever Coruscant lower-level content that takes place pre-Imperial reign, he would be a great supporting character to include. Eventually, Lucasfilm Games might want another shot at a 1313-type videogame. Star Wars: 1313 was a canceled game by LucasArts that saw Boba Fett navigating the lower levels of Coruscant. But since Boba Fett (and Mandalorians in general) are on the verge of overexposure, a game that has a Jedi Investigator exploring lower levels and solving a mystery with the help of Sinube could give Star Wars fans two of their favorite entities: Jedi and Bounty Hunters.  

Staying in Star Wars gaming, The High Republic is expanding into Audiobook only, Manga and Disney+ formats, but the only game from that era has been a DLC to the VR game Tales from Galaxy’s Edge as a short tale involving Yoda and a Jedi Padawan, Ady Sun’Zee (the player). The whole High Republic era is ripe for a proper game a la Battlefront where you can pick a battle with the Nihil on the ground or in space, all while dodging pesky Drengir and choosing your High Republic Jedi to play.   

Tera Sinube brings Ahsoka to Yoda and the Younglings for a teaching moment | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Tera Sinube could have a more significant role in a The High Republic Adventures or Star Wars Adventures IDW comic. The former would have to fall in line with the larger story and have a connection to the main characters Lulu and Zeen. The latter could be a one-off story of Tera Sinube during the Clone Wars. The IDW comics could fit nicely with Master Sinube, given IDW comics are geared towards younger audiences, and the Jedi Master often works with younglings. His episode with Ahsoka ended up being a lesson for a group of younglings that Yoda was training. Add the fact that Cavan Scott wrote Dooku: Jedi Lost and Rising Storm, where Sinube makes a brief appearance, and Scott often writes Star Wars IDW comics.

Overall, older Jedi Masters like Tera Sinube, who had a brief appearance in an animated series, probably will not appear in a larger capacity outside of an Easter egg drop like in Rising Storm. But because Sinube has been around so long and seen tremendous changes in Coruscant, he could also be a gateway for larger audiences to learn more about the underworld and history of Coruscant. The idea of a Jedi Investigator specializing in the criminal underworld is so unique, Tera Sinube might be worth bringing back from obscurity in The Clone Wars

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