IDW Star Wars The High Republic Adventures: Let Go and For Light and Life Thoughts

After 13 issues, Lula, Zeen, Farzala, Qort, and Krix all find themselves with different endings. The High Republic Adventures issues #12 and #13 do not reveal the fates of some of these characters after the fall of Starlight Beacon (that will have to wait until Phase Three), but it does give a hint of where their character arcs could continue. 

The Story 

Let Go 

Several relationships have to be reevaluated in The High Republic Adventures | credit IDW Publishing

The parallels are unmistakable between the beginning of “Let Go” and the beginning of The High Republic Adventures # 1, “Collision Course.” Both start off with Lula confessing she has as secret as she goes about the motions of another mission. When she tries to talk to her Master Kantam, she is interrupted by news that they have found Krix’s Nihil cell hideout. As Lula, Zeen, Farzala, Qort, and others make their way toward Dol’har Hyde, Krix realizes Sabata betrayed him. An air battle ensues, and the Jedi Padawan team corner Krix as he attempts to blow everyone up with rhydonium. Using their strong connection to each other, Lula, and Zeen capture Krix alive with no casualties. But the two friends must also confront their feelings for each other and how that attachment could become dangerous. 

For Light and Life 

Lula attends Qort and Farzala’s knighting ceremony | credit IDW Publishing

Upon returning from the successful mission, Lula remembers the day when Master Kantam saved her life on Naboo. And how, from that moment, she had dedicated her life to the Jedi Order. Knowing that this mission was her final test for knighthood, however, Lula finds herself conflicted. Meanwhile, Zeen confronts Krix on his crimes and how he turned his back on her when he found out she was Force-sensitive. She also gets him to give up the location of Sabata, Gus Talon (a Corellian moon). Zeen finally lets Krix go and accepts that he is no longer her responsibility and embraces Lula. Before Zeen leaves to aid the other Jedi already on Corelia (and into the events of Older’s YA novel Midnight Horizon), Lula and Zeen confess their feelings. With that, Lula makes her most important and unexpected decision, she tells Master Torban Buck that she is not ready to be knighted. Lula recognizes that she has to face her feelings for Zeen before taking that step. As Farzala and Qort are knighted, Lula looks on, content with her choice. 

The Characters 

Zeen is finally able to articulate her trauma to Krix | credit IDW Publishing

Lula and Zeen once again find themselves at a crossroads and the focus of The High Republic Adventures. In issue #1, Lula had an impending sense of dread of becoming a Jedi Knight, even though it was a step toward her goal of being the “The Greatest Jedi Ever.” Once she met Zeen, that intensified into fear from her attachments and fear of loss. In the end, Lula recognizes that her love for Zeen would cloud her judgment as a Jedi Knight and steps back to move forward. Anakin Skywalker did not accomplish this level of self-awareness. He was too proud, but also the Jedi Order viewed attachments differently by the time he became a Padawan. Lula could be taking the same path that her Master was allowed to take by Yoda in exploring a relationship first before becoming a Jedi. Or she could choose to leave the Order. I have a feeling that Lula will become a Jedi Knight (although we do not know her fate since she is on Starlight during The Fallen Star). 

And both Lula and Zeen are able to be honest about their feelings | credit IDW Publishing

Zeen, meanwhile, finds herself in a unique type of limbo. Her friends are becoming Jedi Knights and, as they ascend in the Jedi Order, where does that leave her? The Jedi are now the closest thing she has to a family, and she might have to let them all go.

Farzala and Qort, growing up in earlier issues of The High Republic Adventures, are now Jedi Knights. Qort meets a Youngling member of his species, so perhaps he will have a Padawan when we see them again in Phase Three. Both Qort and the Youngling, Zint, make it off Starlight because they are shown at the end of Trail of Shadows. Farzala is not, and we know that his Master, Obratuk, was captured by the Nihil probably directly from Starlight. So far, only Jedi Masters have been victims of the Nameless. Would Star Wars show a young Jedi turn to a husk? I do not want to see it. 

My guess is that Lula and Farzala are together somewhere. But Zeen is on a mission, like Bell Zettifor, to find Lula no matter what. 

Canon Contributions 

Qort meets Zint | credit IDW Publishing

We are introduced to a new Aloxian, a female Youngling named Zint. The Aloxians are a new species from The High Republic, so any new ones we meet will feel important, especially another Force-sensitive.  

Both “Let Go” and “For Light and Life” take place before the end of The Fallen Star and Marvel’s The High Republic and Trail of Shadows. It is a good ending point for a comic more aimed at younger Star Wars fans. It is going to be a long wait until we know what happens next with these characters.