Star Wars The High Republic Jedi: Missing In Action

With The High Republic Phase One officially in the books, there are many unanswered questions going into Phase Two. Some we will get in Phase Two, which takes place 150 years prior to the events in Phase One. But, for other mysteries, we will have to wait until Phase Three when we, supposedly, pick up where Phase One left off. And some of those unanswered questions circle around the fates of Jedi we have come to know and love. So let’s take a look at the High Republic Jedi missing in action after the fall of Starlight Beacon.

Lula and Zeen’s last moments together in The High Republic Adventures #13 | credit IDW Publishing

Jedi Padawan Lula Talisola

Last Seen: IDW’s The High Republic Adventures #13

Last Scene: On Starlight watching her fellow Padawan’s Qort and Farzala be knighted.

Even though we last saw Lula in the last issue of The High Republic Adventures, she was referenced post-Starlight fall by Zeen, who claims that she would sense Lula’s death in Midnight Horizon. There are unresolved issues between Zeen and Lula as they confessed their feelings for each other before Zeen left for Corellia. But sometimes, in life, things are left unresolved. However, I do not think this is the case with Lula (though I would respect the decision if she is dead). Lula had a breakthrough in her journey to become a Jedi Knight. From her introduction in The High Republic Adventures # 1, she has only ever wanted to be the greatest Jedi ever, and being knighted young is a part of that. But she understands that she needs to face her feelings toward Zeen before that step.

It is the kind of character growth that usually does not end abruptly. Also, she is the main character of The High Republic Adventures, so it is hard to believe they would kill her off, but if the comic run is over, then it could conclude her story. 

I still lean towards Lula being alive and having a beautiful reunion with Zeen.

Survival Chance: 85%

Master Torbin Buck heads into the unknown in Trail of Shadows #5 | credit Marvel Comics

Jedi Master Torbin Buck

Last Seen: Marvel’s Trail of Shadows # 5 

Last Scene: Torban gives Emerick his robe with the Nameless’s blood and heads back into Starlight to fight off Nihil.

One of three things happened to Master Torbin Buck: 

1. He was captured along with Obratuk and is waiting to be turned into a husk for Marchion Ro’s amusement by the Nameless.

2. He died fighting the Nihil on Starlight.

3. He fought off the Nihil and somehow escaped Starlight crashing.

Part of me wants to believe that he is still alive because I would love to see him in the comics fighting the Nihil from his perspective. And his whereabouts are intentionally left open. But, it is reasonable to deduce that Obratuk was not the only Jedi the Nihil captured. And Marchion Ro particularly has a grudge against Jedi Masters. 

Survival Chance: 10%

Farzala is knighted along with Qort as Lula watches on in The High Republic Adventures #13 | credit IDW Publishing

Jedi Knight Farzala

Last Seen: The High Republic Adventures #13

Last Scene: Like Lula, Farzala is last seen on Starlight at his knighting ceremony. 

Also at the ceremony was Farzala’s Master, Obratuk. Then, somehow between that issue and Eye of the Storm #1, Obratuk ended up in chains in front of Marchion Ro. 

I know that Farzala is a Padawan and has been a part of the IDW comics geared towards younger audiences, but to keep stakes high, sometimes Padawans have to die. When I first started The High Republic Adventures, I figured that not all of these Padawans would make it through, and my bet is on Farzala being the unfortunate casualty. 

Survival Chance: 30%

Lily and Master Arkoff’s last conversation in The Edge of Balance Vol. 2 | credit Viz Media and Lucasfilm Press

Jedi Master Arkoff

Last Seen: The Edge of Balance Vol. 2 Manga

Last Scene: Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi meets with Master Arkoff and Master Stellan Gios on Starlight Beacon during The Great Jedi Rumble Race.

Every story in The High Republic has had a tragic personal event happening surrounding the big tragic events. For The Edge of Balance, Lily loses her Padawan. Could she also be losing her Master? Lily has already started adapting to her new life in the Outer Rim and chose to stay on Banchii to help the citizens. Her truly being on her own would be an amazing character growth opportunity. 

Arkoff is not mentioned in The Fallen Star, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not on the ship. He has only been mentioned briefly in Light of the Jedi, but his appearances have all been in The Edge of Balance, so, understandably, Lucasfilm Press would keep his appearances within that manga. The focus moving forward in The Edge of Balance will be on Lily. While Arkoff could appear in flashbacks, he is probably one with the Cosmic Force.

Survival Chance: 20%

It is hard to imagine that both Burryaga and his Master are dead | credit Lucasfilm Press

Jedi Padawan Burryaga

Last Seen: The Fallen Star

Last Scene: Burryaga tells Elzar Mann to say goodbye to Bell Zettifor before he is taken away by a pack of Rathtars.

There has to be at least one Wookiee Jedi survivor from all this, so my bet is on the Padawan. Also, poor Bell Zettifor has already been through enough, so I am rooting for a shred of hope and that he finds Burryaga alive. It is insisted upon in The Fallen Star that Burryaga is probably dead, so that points to him being alive.

Survival Chance: 60%

Avar hears Vernestra’s song on Starlight in The High Republic # 15 | credit Marvel Comics

Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh

Last Seen: Marvel’s The High Republic # 15

Last Scene: Vernestra is one of the Jedi who Avar hears the song of when she is connecting to all the Jedi still alive on Starlight.

Vernestra left to accompany Avar on a mission to track down Nihil leaders in Mission to Disaster. Normally, seeing her on Starlight as it is falling would not be a great indicator of survival. However, I am the most confident in Venestra’s survival than any other Jedi on this list for one main reason: She has key knowledge of a secret hyperspace path given to her by Mari San Tekka from Out of the Shadows. Since Mari died in Out of the Shadows, she is the only one who knows that information to pay off in Phase Three. Therefore, Vernestra Rwoh will live to fight another day.

Survival Chance: 95%