Whatever Happened to…Korkie Kryze?

Korkie Kryze is in two episodes of The Clone Wars: Season three, episode six’s “The Academy” and season six, episode sixteen “The Lawless.” None of these episodes are the best of what The Clone Wars has to offer (“The Academy” is considered one of the weakest episodes of the season). And Korkie has not made a single appearance in any canon material since the season six episode.  

So, what is the importance of this seemingly unimportant character? Well, two things: First, he is tied to Mandalore and was a part of exposing the Prime Minister as corrupt, representing the power of youth to change the government if motivated and given hope. And second, while it is emphasized that he is the nephew of Satine Kryze, the reveal later in The Clone Wars that Bo Katan is Satine’s sister also makes Korkie Bo Katan’s nephew. 

Korkie confiding in his Aunt Satine about the Mandalore black market | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Before we dive into where Korkie could be, let’s first look at where he has been. In “The Academy,” Ahsoka is sent to Mandalore to go undercover and investigate the corruption of the Mandalorian government. As part of her assignment, she teaches cadets about public duty. Inspired by her lecture, Korkie and his friends bring to Ahsoka’s attention the food rations at the Academy. The tip leads to the exposure of the Prime Minister’s involvement in a black market supply chain and his arrest.  

Later, in season six, “The Lawless,” Korkie and his friends assist Bo-Katan in attempting to rescue Duchess Satine. It is in vain as Satine is captured and executed by Maul, but Korkie and his friends escape, leaving their current whereabouts unknown. The lack of Korkie Kryze appearances since is peculiar, but I am happy to speculate. 

First off, there is little chance that Korkie’s first appearance past his two The Clone Wars episodes will be in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Besides the theories that he is the son of Satine and Kenobi, who were lovers, there would be no narrative reason for him to be on the show. Korkie had no real connection to Kenobi and, even though Kenobi has a history with Mandalore through Satine, she is long dead by this time (although Maul is still out there looking for Kenobi). Also, Kenobi likely takes place before The Great Purge of Mandalore (Night of a Thousand Tears), so Korkie could be busy on Mandalore with counter-insurgency against Imperial forces. 

If Korkie had made an appearance in Star Wars Rebels in the Heroes of Mandalore arc of season four, we could assume that he either died some point after or is with other Mandalore refugees somewhere in the galaxy. 

The Bad Batch 

The Bad Batch takes place before The Night of a Thousand Tears and the destruction of Mandalore. We are also the closest to the end of the Clone Wars and the Siege of Mandalore, so other Mandalorians are not out of the realm of possibility to appear. But they might appear off-world. 

We will be getting more Mandalore in The Mandalorian, so having any time devoted to the Mandalorian culture prior might be overexposure. Although, people who watched The Clone Wars and know who Korkie is are probably more likely to watch The Bad Batch. And it would be easier to keep a tertiary character in animation. 

The Mandalorian 

With the theory of Korkie somehow being the lost son of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze, people are missing a more significant connection. Korkie is of House Kryze same as Bo Katan. Bo Katan will play a larger part in The Mandalorian season three, and has had very little interaction with her nephew. Family dynamics within House Kryze might be different, but it is established in Star Wars Rebels with House Wren that House ties are important. If we are getting more backstory on Bo Katan, her House must be a part of that story. And her sister is dead, so Korkie is her only living relative that we know.  

Other Star Wars Content 

Korkie and his fellow cadets | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

I doubt Korkie would appear in any other Star Wars content that would not be animation or involve Bo Katan but let’s entertain two other possibilities.

The first is Andor. There is little information about the story of Andor (and we will hear more soon at Star Wars Celebration), but we do know that it will be a spy-thriller Star Wars show during the Empire’s prime years. Around this time, Mandalore was bombed heavily by Imperial forces, killing mass numbers of Mandalorians, but it is unclear what happened to the citizens who survived.  

We already have one Imperial connection to Mandalore from The Mandalorian with Moff Gideon, who is still alive and in New Republic custody. During the time of Andor, Moff Gideon could be working on Mandalore as an Intelligence Officer in the Imperial Security Bureau. We know from The Mandalorian that he was involved in The Great Purge so there is a likelihood that we will see Moff Gideon in Andor. Therefore, there is also a possibility that we see Mandalore citizens like Korkie. Especially since Korkie and his friends were on a political path per their arc in The Clone Wars. Korkie also fights to free his aunt from Death Watch so, by the time of Imperial occupation, it would not be hard to believe that he could also be a Mandalore resistance fighter.  

The last time we see Korkie is defending his Aunt | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Another possibility is an appearance in an IDW Star Wars Adventures issue. Made for young readers, Korkie’s Mandalore adventures with his classmates uncovering corruption in the Mandalore government could translate well into an IDW Star Wars Adventures story. It would have to be different than The Clone Wars episodes in season three.  

If Dave Filoni has any say, a lot of his animated characters and machinations will come to live-action. Korkie might not be at the top of the list, but his familial ties put him in the orbit of upcoming shows as a possibility. How specific his familial ties are to members of the House Kryze will be up to Lucasfilm but, if he does show up, some of those questions need answers.