How Lucasfilm Failed Rose Tico

The debates about the Sequel Trilogy revolved mostly around The Last Jedi. And it’s as irritating today as it was back in 2017. But as time marches on, there will be the same nostalgia for these films as people now have for the Prequel Trilogy.

Unfortunately, there are grievances that cannot be forgiven and forgotten. When the cast of The Last Jedi was announced, we had the first Asian-American female co-lead in Star Wars, Rose Tico, played by relative newcomer Kelly Marie Tran. On a grander scale, Tran was the first woman of color lead in a Star Wars film. It was a great moment for those of us who were wondering if Star Wars had room for non-brunettes. Not only that, but the character had a sister, Paige Tico, who looked awesome in her bomber outfit.

But things quickly went south through no fault of Tran but a combination of the ugliest part of fandom, aided unintentionally (and then intentionally) by Lucasfilm.

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