The High Republic Phase Two | Answers to Questions from Phase One

“To do this, though, to forge our path to the future, guided by secrets of the past, we will be”

 Daniel José Older. The High Republic: Midnight Horizon. Disney Book Group.
Opening crawl for The High Republic Phase Two

With Phase Two of The High Republic being more of a prequel for Phase One, there are certain storylines that we will have to wait for Phase Three to get resolved. The fates of various Jedi from the fall of Starlight Beacon will remain a mystery. However, there are canon elements and stories introduced in Phase One that will get more context when Phase Two begins in October. Here are some that we can probably expect to see.

The Nameless // Shrii-ka-rai (Eaters of the Force)

The Nameless in Trail of Shadows | credit Marvel Comics

This dangerous entity is shrouded in mystery for most of Phase One. It is not until the last few Phase One releases (Fallen Star, The High Republic, Trail of Shadows, and Eye of the Storm) that some of the pieces fall into place. We learn that it is not an entity but a creature that can bleed. And we find out in Eye of the Storm that they have a home planet that is just as mysterious. 

Chances are we learn more about both in Phase Two. 

In Trail of Shadows, the Shrii-ka-rai inspire a creepy nursery rhyme that Stellan Gios and Emerick Caphtor’s nursemaid used to sing. 

The nursemaid, Ruusstha Vidyarvrikt, was an Ongree who could have potentially been around during Phase Two but not likely. However, her home planet was Dalna, which brings us to the next event we will probably get more information.

Night of Sorrow

It was a battle that happened long ago. The Republic and the Jedi answered a call for help when Dalna was newly settled, and there was some confusion. When they arrived things went badly, and a lot of people died.

Justina Ireland. The High Republic: Mission to Disaster. Disney Book Group.

First mentioned in Out of the Shadows and first named in Mission to Disaster, the Night of Sorrow resulted in a deep mistrust of the Jedi Order on Dalna. Imri explains the event as the consequence of a misunderstanding by the Jedi. The Jedi certainly have a history in Star Wars of not fully understanding situations before they rush in, causing more problems than solving them. In Phase One, the Jedi have been mostly reacting to conflicts caused by the Nihil. In Phase Two, we might see the Jedi be the ones bringing conflict. 

Dalna has been an important location in the High Republic thus far, and the Night of Sorrow is one way we will potentially see it be an important part of Phase Two. 

Dalna’s presence is all but certain, as the opening crawl of Phase Two suggests.

Seismology, Force Theory, and Force Confluences 

The Jedi do not find any more information on the Night of Sorrow, but droid J-6 does find a geological survey conducted by the Republic 200 years prior, called “Seismic Events and Their Role in Force Confluences.” It is mentioned in passing and might otherwise be overlooked. Still, Vernestra’s question upon learning of the study is interesting: Why would the Republic involve itself in the business of the Jedi? 

Two hundred years exceeds the time that Phase Two will take place, but the Republic’s interest in the Force and seismic activity be referenced or event the focus of a Phase Two storyline.

Marchion Ro’s Great-Grandmother and the Creation of the Nihil

Concept art for Mardo Ro | credit Lucasfilm Publishing

Throughout Phase One, we get more information on Marchion Ro and his species, the Evereni. The Evereni once called the planet Everon home. Unfortunately, a great storm and subsequent centuries of in-fighting forced the Evereni to become nomadic and ruthless. The Ro family symbolizes this ruthlessness, and we see this in his father, Asgar, and his grandmother Shalla. Asgar throws Shalla off a balcony, and Asgar gets himself stabbed by Lorna Dee and kicked while he’s down (literally) by Marchion. We have not met one person yet, Shalla’s mother, the founder of the Nihil. 

We do not yet know the lifespan of the Evereni, but Marchion’s Great-Grandmother may be around and quietly building the Nihil during Phase Two. In the promotional material for the upcoming novel, The Path of Deceit, we are introduced to a character named Marda Ro. Surnames are important in Star Wars, so Marda is undoubtedly related to Marchion. It’s just a matter of how.

Shalla claimed Marchion to the blade’s point that had sharpened over generations of their species. And his motivations for using the Nihil might be more aligned with his Great-grandmother, who created the Nihil as a weapon. Star Wars loves generational stories, and understanding why Marchion’s ancestor created the Nihil would provide much-needed insight into the High Republic’s big bad.

Mari San Tekka and the Secret Path

A Pathfinding team concept art from Phase Two | credit Lucasfilm Publishing

A question that arises at the end of Out of the Shadows is the path that Mari gives Vernestra before she dies. Pathfinders and prospectors will play a big part in Phase Two based on the opening crawl as the Republic is in the early stages of galactic exploration. Mari brings great wealth to the San Tekka Clan with her Force-sensitivity and connection to hyperspace, a link that Vernestra Rhow might have. The fate of Mari is one of the saddest stories in Star Wars, so seeing her before the Nihil captured her would be great. It would also be a way to learn about how the Force connects to hyperspace. A Mari San Tekka storyline could also answer what is going on with Vernestra for Phase Three.

Of course, with the San Tekka clan becoming one of the wealthiest prospecting empires, we will likely see the Graf family rise. A battle of the oil barons set in space is a recipe for entertaining storytelling.

The Yallow Fellowship

Klias gets possessed by the vitalicron | credit IDW Comics

In The Monster of Temple Peak, we learn more about the monster hunter and former Jedi Padawan, Ty Yorrick. The memory of having to kill her colleague Klias Teradine haunts Ty. She killed Teradine in self-defense when he attacked her, possessed by a dark side artifact in the Yallow shrine in a mountain on Alaris Prime. Ty does reference Klias and the Yallow Shrine when she is debating whether she can trust Elzar Mann in Rising Storm. But the bulk of the context has come from the IDW comic series. 

The Yallow Fellowship was a dark side cult that collected several artifacts through the centuries, including the vitalicron, which caused Klias to attack Ty. When Ty and Klias found the shrine on Mount Bikja, the Fellowship had been dissolved. 

Even though the Yallow Fellowship is only referenced in The Monster of Temple Peak, it is still possible that the cult will be an antagonist behind the scenes of Phase Two.