Dark Horse Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #3 Thoughts

We are now 1/4th through Dark Horse Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories and have had a story from every era of the Skywalker Saga. The last issue followed twins Luke and Leia as they were scouting locations for a new Rebel base. This issue, The Fast Track to Danger, follows two scouts from the Resistance era, Finn and Poe. But the duo is not looking for ships or weapons; they are looking for a more practical need of the Resistance: livestock. It is also the first issue in this series with a proper title, but it is hard to avoid a train pun.

The Story

Interesting way to have the Wookiee doll factor into the story… | credit Dark Horse Comics

The search for space cattle takes them to the agricultural hub, Kamil, where a livestock auction takes place. The two are out of their depth and getting outbid consistently, so they decide to get creative and split up, which naturally works out. The problem for them is that the First Order, much like the Empire in issue #2, is also on the same planet and is partly responsible for the livestock shortage. Everyone has to eat, and the First Order is no different. Although, you would think they would have just taken over a planet in the Unknown Regions to provide their food.

This inevitably leads to a confrontation as Finn and Poe are discovered while trying to meet a potential seller on a train. Some stunning panels from artist Andy Duggan showcase all the diverse and colorful occupants of the train before and during the chaos. 

The only additional content we have gotten post-The Rise of Skywalker with characters like Finn, Poe, and Rey have been these types of stories: missions and events that take place between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. There was one with Rey and Poe in Stories of Jedi and Sith called “Through the Turbulence” that uncovered Poe’s unsubtle resentment towards Rey in time for them to work together to save BB-8.

This one is not as tense or as original. I already mentioned a similarity between this story and issue #2, but most of the plot of “The Fast Track to Danger” almost mirrors its predecessor exactly. Two Resistance fighters go on a mission for their freedom fighting groups only to encounter the enemy and have to hide, then run. It feels like a significant oversight by the writing team and editors to have similar stories back to back.

One difference is how the little Wookiee doll comes into play (it’s the silliest scene in the issue), in which Finn uses the doll to fight off First Order officers. Of course, the doll packs a punch (especially since it likely still has whatever Senator Yarua put inside the doll decades earlier). But Finn doesn’t seem to notice or mind STEALING it from the luggage cart after the fight. That doll belonged to a passenger, but because the inanimate object helped him defeat the First Order, it is an official Resistance member. Let us give younger readers more credit.

I will not spoil whether they get their intended livestock for the Resistance, but the doll now has a new home with Rey. Finn gives the doll he stole to the Jedi, and we are on to the next adventure. The cover preview hints that it will involve Rey and Chewbacca, so maybe the older Wookiee will think to look inside the doll so we can progress the nested story.

The Characters

Finn and Poe take on the First Order | credit Dark Horse Comics

Finn and Poe, not Rey and Kylo, had the best chemistry in the Sequel Trilogy (a credit to John Boyega and Oscar Isaacs), which is reflected here as well as it can be. When they search for a seller lead at a nightclub, they get the same tip of a ship parts seller and have the same idea: ditch the livestock and pursue the parts. Even though Finn is also close with Rey and Rose (the latter deserves her own hyperspace story), he is more in sync with Poe on missions. However, we do not learn anything about them or get any insight into their friendship. And Finn does not seem like the type of person that would take a stuffed animal home.

We also do not spend meaningful time with other characters, so this is more of a Finn and Poe one-shot.

Canon Contributions

Finn introduces Rey to his new friend | credit Dark Horse Comics

Other than finally acknowledging the hard work it takes to feed a Resistance while fighting the First Order, there is nothing of note. We have yet another new planet in Kamil but planets introduced in these comics do not seem to lead anywhere. I doubt there will be any reason for another adventure to the livestock planet.

This issue is a miss, upstaged by the previous, which had much more character development for Luke and Leia than this does with Finn and Poe. It is a shame because the more great content we can get with Sequel Trilogy characters, the more excited fans could get for their return. We will have to wait to see what issue #4 and a Rey adventure brings.