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The High Republic So Far: Thoughts, Themes and Theories

This post is full of spoilers of Light of the Jedi, A Test of Courage, Into the Dark, The High Republic, and High Republic Adventures. She’s a chunky post so grab some tea or coffee and settle in as we discuss all things The High Republic.

Star Wars Insider The High Republic: Go Together Thoughts

Charles Soule’s two-part story follows a couple from Light of the Jedi and their time on Starlight Beacon before and after The Great Disaster.  Joss and Pikka Adren were actually some of the first characters introduced from The High Republic when the first part of Starlight Short Stories was published in Star Wars Insider #199 … Continue Reading Star Wars Insider The High Republic: Go Together Thoughts

Why Cara Dune Is Worth Saving

Gina Carano is gone but Cara Dune should get to live on. A case for recasting and not allowing a unique Star Wars character to go quietly into that sweet goodnight.

Whatever Happened to… Barriss Offee?

First in a new series looking back at Star Wars characters in canon whose fates are undecided, unconfirmed, or just up in the air.

C&C Pick for February: Lost Stars

It’s the month of love and what better way to celebrate with the Star Wars version of “star-crossed” lovers.

Captain Phasma and False Promises

When additional canon provides the context to one of the main antagonists, one has to ask: What was the point?

Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi Thoughts

Star Wars The High Republic era is finally here and the adult novel, The Light of Jedi, introduces us to the inciting event that sets the stage for what’s to come for The High Republic. Let’s discuss (mild spoilers).

C&C Pick for January: Thrawn Graphic Novel

Given recent news, Thrawn is a character you should get to know and this Graphic novel adaptation of his first book is a perfect intro to the canon version of one of the most popular Star Wars literary characters.

Star Wars Failure to Launch in China and Looking Ahead

Can Disney and LucasFilm turn this ship around and get the Chinese audiences into the galaxy far far away? Of course they can. But they will need to build brand loyalty from the ground up.

Star Wars Lego Holiday Special Thoughts

It might not be actual canon, but it might be the beginning of holiday tradition. Thoughts on Disney/Lego’s take on the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Siege Thoughts

We are now halfway through the season and it seems Chapter 12 is a turning point in the overall plot of The Mandalorian so let’s discuss. Here be spoilers.

Mando Mondays Thoughts: The First Wave

One of Disney’s most ambitious marketing campaigns pivots from a more traditional reliance on trailers and “first look” teases. Five lessons we can learn from kickoff.

Star Wars Loves Zombies

From the Expanded Universe’s Death Trooper to Nightsisters and Brain worms, let’s take a look at Star Wars’ favorite horror trope.

Baby Yoda and the Species Makeover

By making a few noticeable tweaks on Star Wars’ most mysterious species, Disney and LucasFilm created a new pop culture phenomenon.

Can Star Wars Comics Compete with DC and Marvel?

The real question is can Star Wars characters introduced in the comics become as loved as the Marvel and DC characters that were introduced in comics before appearing on the small and big screen? 

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