More to Explore: Mon Mothma 

There is a much-needed exploration of the visionary political leader who hoped for the best but prepared for the worst.

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales Thoughts

LEGO and Lucasfilm reach deep into Star Wars canon pockets and pull out an obscure character to center its Halloween entry around and tell some terrifying tales.

Star Wars Visions Episodes Ranked

Star Wars Visions is Lucasfilm’s attempt to get anime fans interested in Star Wars. So which stories put their best foot forward in making that happen?

Whatever Happened to…Yaddle?

Also known as the female Yoda in The Phantom Menace, the mystery of the whereabouts of this Jedi Master remains strong in the force.

The Bad Batch: Kamino Lost Thoughts

Part two of the season finale takes place mainly on Kamino as the Bad Batch (together again) race against the elements and have a few conversations along the way.

The Bad Batch: Return to Kamino Thoughts

Part one of the season finale has the team return to Kamino to confront Crosshair, and some hard truths as the Empire looms in the background. 

The Bad Batch: War-Mantle Thoughts

The Bad Batch attempts another rescue op for a familiar character with less than favorable results, putting the pieces in place for a major showdown.

C&C Pick for August: Star Wars Made Easy

For Back to School month, take a break from reading a Star Wars novel and refresh your knowledge of Star Wars history with a fun, multipurpose reference book.

The High Republic: Rising Storm Thoughts

The second adult novel in The High Republic brings another tragedy to the Jedi while the divisions within the Nihil grow (mild spoilers).

The Bad Batch: Infested Thoughts

A calm before the storm episode finds the Bad Batch saving Cid from two criminal factions and making a potential ally.

Whatever Happened to…Tera Sinube?

The Jedi with the cane lightsaber who stole hearts in The Clone Wars is MIA in the Star Wars universe. Oh, where could he be?

C&C Pick for July: Canto Bight

Wonder what a nightmare Vegas vacation would be like that does not involve Chevy Chase? Look no further.

The Bad Batch: Reunion Thoughts

Crosshair and Crosshair’s attitude return in this episode to try and end the Bad Batch, but a whole other problem is waiting in the wings.

Whatever Happened to…Lux Bonteri?

The emergence of Saw Gerrera in The Bad Batch as an immediate person of concern for the Empire got me thinking…what is his old fighting partner up to?

The Bad Batch: Decommissioned Thoughts

The Bad Batch takes a trip to Corellia to retrieve a valuable item from the Clone Wars and meets two familiar sisters along the way.

The Bad Batch: Rampage Thoughts

The fifth episode of The Bad Batch feels more like The Mandalorian as the team delves deeper into the underworld and meets an old acquaintance of the Jedi.

The Bad Batch: Cornered Thoughts

Fennec Shand makes her animated debut and inadvertently gives the Bad Batch much needed lessons for surviving their new reality.

More to Explore: General Grievous

Revisiting an old The Clone Wars episode in season one made me wonder: Is Lucasfilm sitting on an epic General Grievous story?

The Bad Batch: Cut and Run Thoughts

The second episode gives some hints at the other problems the team might face besides their former brother hunting for them.

The Bad Batch: Aftermath Thoughts

The second new Star Wars Disney+ series The Bad Batch starts with the birth of the Galactic Empire and a whole set of problems for our heroes.

Star Wars and VR So Far

Over the past five years, Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB have brought some unique experiences to a new, but still struggling gaming platform.

Whatever Happened to…Cad Bane?

The fate of the bounty hunter who could hold his own against the Jedi during the Clone Wars is unknown and open for speculation.

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