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Star Wars Ages Up

Whatever you think of The Book of Boba Fett, it has two leads over 55 in an industry that worships at the youth alter. Let’s celebrate and analyze.

Three Things The Book of Boba Fett Can Do to Keep Things Interesting

Will the series live up to its predecessor, The Mandalorian? The promos have been uninspiring but the character has enough interest. Now we need the backstory.

Star Wars: The High Republic Middle-Grade is a Perfect Window for Young Readers into Our Current World

The Lucasfilm Publishing Initiative has some standout middle-grade titles for young and older Star Wars fans to jump into in 2022.

Why the Return of Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters Is Inevitable

There is a very simple answer.

Five Things To Expect From Star Wars on Disney Plus Day

When Disney Plus Day hits Friday, November 12th, fans will get information and first looks from anticipated Disney Star Wars shows. Since I like things in fives, here are five big things I am expecting to see and hear.

Star Wars: More War, Less Fantasy

Watching Dune (2021), I couldn’t help but wonder: shouldn’t a franchise centered around wars have more representation of the consequences?

The Ten Best Characters from Star Wars Visions

The new faces we met and would like to see again, or the ones we won’t see again but wish we could.

Star Wars Is Coming For Your Holidays

Holiday sweaters, Funko Pops, and Disney Plus specials are just the beginning.

Star Wars Gets a Shamook

Yes, Lucasfilm hired a Deepfake YouTuber, but let’s discuss what really matters.

5 Curious Things About Accents in Star Wars

AKA — How to make a galaxy seem small without connecting every character.

How Star Wars Can Be a Franchise Leader in Latine Representation

A look at what Star Wars is doing, both great and not-so-great, with Latin Representation and how they can learn from other franchise failures.

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Why Star Wars is Always Looking Back Even When It’s Moving Forward.

The Book of Boba Fett is just around the corner and might have an interesting place in the Star Wars release calendar…

Five Star Wars Side Characters that Popped in Pop Culture.

Side characters in Star Wars have made a lot of noise in pop culture, but they can also just simply shine in the short amount of time they are on screen…

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The Black Women of Star Wars and How They Are Represented.

Unfortunately, the presence of Black women has fit the definition of tokenism more than meaningful representation…